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Morse decoding via Camera


I think it's not a bad idea to transfer the suggestion of Aaron F. from the MotoTorch-Blog to this site:
"The morse code function on this app is fun but unless you find yourself in an emergency situation signaling to the coast guard it’s unlikely you will encounter anyone who can read it. What I propose is adding an interface that allows you to center the camera on a distant blinking light and translate morse code to text by analizing the video feed. A box superimposed in the middle of the camera view would allow the program to only worry about the area within it to save processing effort and program complexity. Is this possible? I have no idea but it seems logically sound. What would the use of it be? It would open up another means of communication, a fun and un usual one, and communication is what smartphones are all about.
I don’t know how practical this would be as I’ve never programmed for android, but I’m hoping it can be done. You seemed the logical person to propose this idea to since it’s an extension of what mototorch already does and would give the app far greater (and unique) functionality."